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Thursday, 05 December 2019 13:13

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(video from YouTube - The Libertines / Up The Bracket)


AllVideos (by JoomlaWorks) is truely THE all-in-one media management solution for Joomla! and a classic must-have extension for any Joomla! based website.

You can use the plugin to easily embed videos hosted on popular services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion (and many more) inside your Joomla! articles, K2 items, Virtuemart products etc. Additionally, it allows you to playback any web-compatible video/audio file directly from your server or a remote server, giving you the competitive edge when it comes to rich media content.

Continue reading for some demos of AllVideos!

AllVideos supports 20 types of video and audio files (all web compatible), including .mp4, .flv, Quicktime (.mov, .3gp etc.) and newer "HTML5" friendly formats like .webm and .ogv. Additionally, AllVideos supports over 35 video providers, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Flickr Video, Vine and Ustream.

Below we've embedded some example videos using AllVideos. As you'll notice, all these videos will display just fine on any type of device (desktop, tablet & smartphone).


Example Videos

Video on YouTube (what a song!)


Playlist on YouTube


Video on Vimeo


Video on Dailymotion


Video on Facebook


Example Videos (hosted on this server)

The following media are all web-native and thus work on all devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets).


MP4 video (uses custom poster image)


MP4 video (uses auto-generated poster image)


MP4 video (uses auto-generated poster image)


Example Audio

Sound clip on



Sound set on



Example Audio (hosted on this server)

Audio in MP3 format (using a poster image)


Audio in MP3 format (random poster image from


Audio in MP3 format (no poster image)


Deprecated Media Examples

The following demonstrates how old, non web-native media, will display using AllVideos v5.0+.

Flash Video


Windows Media


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