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Wednesday, 27 January 2010 17:39

Adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles is now super-easy and simple, using the magical "Simple Image Gallery" plugin for Joomla!.

The plugin can turn any folder of images located inside your Joomla! website into a grid-style image gallery with cool lightbox previews. And all that using a simple plugin tag like {gallery}myphotos{/gallery}.

So for example, if we have a folder called "my_trip_to_Paris" located in images/stories/my_trip_to_Paris, then we can create our gallery by simply entering the tag {gallery}my_trip_to_Paris{/gallery} into some Joomla! article.

The galleries created are presented in a grid using a polaroid-like background for the thumbnails. When your visitors click on a thumbnail, they see the original image in a lightbox popup. The thumbnails are generated and cached using PHP for better results.

So let's briefly see what are the main advantages of using Simple Image Gallery: a) You don't need to have an additional gallery component to display a few images, b) you don't need to tell your visitors "to see our photos from Paris click here" and c) you focus more on content writing and less on administering the images!

The plugin is ideal for news portals wanting to display some product images, for example, inside their articles. Or for people who quickly wanna show their summer vacation pictures. With Simple Image Gallery, you can have as many galleries as you want inside each article.

Please note that if you want to create a gallery from a subfolder located inside your "image gallery root folder", simply adjust the plugin syntax to reflect the remaining path (after your set "root folder"), e.g. {gallery}folder/subfolder/othersubfolder{/gallery}. Make sure you write the path to your target folder without any slashes at the beginning or the end of your path.

Want more features like individual thumbnail captions, multiple layouts, multiple popup engines, gallery ordering, module loading and more? Then check out Simple Image Gallery PRO at:

Sample galleries


11.jpg 2011-Brammo-Empulse-track-1.jpg DucatiStreetfighterSayto.jpg

EBR_BACKGROUND_1190RS_1_1920x1200.jpg EBR_BACKGROUND_1190RS_2_1920x1200.jpg KTM 1190 RC8 Air-389702.jpeg

MV-Agusta-F3a.jpg Mission R.JPG bmw_hp2_sport-normal.jpg

ducati_1198-wide.jpg pic1.jpg pic2.jpg



DSC00001.jpg DSC00002.JPG DSC00003.JPG

DSC00004.JPG DSC00005.JPG DSC00006.JPG

DSC00007.JPG DSC00008.JPG DSC00009.JPG


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